Raziel – a young legend-obsessed man on a journey of self-discovery – must overcome torment and tyranny in order to survive in a world infested with the deadly and mysterious Blight.

Journeying through the forest, Raziel and the aristocratic scholar Saphir stumble across a Blight victim, Fanon. Raziel intervenes but becomes infected. The two reach the colossal Tower where the Blighted are forced to work, and Raziel is enslaved. Saphir is crowned against her will by the Blessed, and overtaken by the mysterious Ouroboros. She triggers the Blighted to revolt against their tyrannical masters, while Raziel and Fanon ascend up the Tower to save Saphir from the dominating Ouroboros.

As Raziel experiences the horrors of the world first-hand and refuses to submit to his suffering, the thralldom he becomes part of rises up and rejects their subjugation. The story depicts oppression and emancipation; myth and magic; legend, sacrifice and eventual triumph over tyranny.


In the wake of the award winning Hadir and the Deep, and several other productions with heart-twisting tales, Zsofi Pictures is ecstatic to announce our biggest  film to date: Mark of the Ouroboros–a dark tale of deities, treachery, and courage that leaves a legacy.

Set in a fictional old world where one class lords over the plague-stricken, toiling masses, our story follows a young man who journeys to a monolithic tower to escape his inherited damnation and seek blessing from a mysterious ruler known only as The Ouroboros.


Director, Jonathan Zsofi-Guy

From age eight, I knew melding Image and Sound were my calling. Driven by the power of the moving image to awe, enhance and inspire. I Direct or assist Directors to craft cinematic successes across a range of narrative and commercial genres.

The ‘Ouroboros’ team is lead by internationally award winning Jonathan Zsofi-Guy who’s films speak of a joie de vivre amidst dark or historical epochs. Combining a background in directing with editing, linguistics, and a thirst for classical tales, his works form a compelling oeuvre.

Writer, Tom Goulter

Writer, Tom Goulter

An acclaimed writer, Tom, writes online and in print about cities, literature, and videogames. His master’s thesis was a feature script about eschatology for the International Institute of Modern Letters.

A masterful and epic fantasy writer, Tom has shaped the Mark of the Ouroboros into a dark and twisting cerebral fantasy, where a dark blight enslaves the people of the land and simple men duel omnipotent gods.

Writer, Tom Goulter

Costumier, James Goldenthal

After working on The Hobbit, The Shannara Chronicles and numerous other Fantasy / Time Period films and tv series, James is accustomed to the genre of Mark of the Ouroboros. Melding his extensive experience with a passion for developing a dark and brooding wardrobe for the screen, James is set to create his most dazzling and devious pieces yet.


To make this epic tale translate from script to screen, we’ll need an amazing crew with experience, vision, and passion for their craft. Intrigue or fondness for the mystical and fantastical is a huge plus, but not necessary.

If this project sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at work@zsofipictures.com with your Film CV/Resume and contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.